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Healing Spirit Fundraiser

Healing Spirit Church 2020: COVID Relief $200.00 raised

Winners of Mother's Day Draw

Winners of Mother Day Draw. ABK Cultural Program helps raise money to bring Amma to Canada. Magoo donates door prizes.

Kerola Fundraiser

Amma's Kerola Flood Relief donated $120.00 to Amma Aug 2018

Thaw Show

Thaw Show Fundraiser 2018: Support Mental Illness


Food4Kids Fundraiser 2018: Battle of the Chefs

Painted 16 Frames

Bennett Centre: 2017 Painted Frames Christmas Gift for 16 residents.

Krishna's Flute

Donated Aug 2017 to Yasodhara Ashram, BC

Sivananda Fundraiser

Sivananda Fundraiser April 2017: ONE orphan girl goes to school

Bennett Health Centre

Bennett Health Centre: 3 Paintings for Seniors Home 2016


Amma Tour 2016: Presented Amma with picture

Amma Canada Fundraiser

Amma Tour 2015: Fundraiser dinner: To help bring Amma to Canada.

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