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Friendly UFO...

Friendly UFO

Magoo was asked by a friend in his art group to paint her a small painting. Magoo began painting each week adding lots of paint to a small canvas. Then came the day for a friend to stop by and visit our paint group. He just wanted to visit and was excited to see how Magoo’s skills were expanding. He sat down with Magoo and encouraged him just as he use to do in his previous art group. The painting was taking on an interesting dimension and then Magoo announces he has finished.

We decided one day to take Magoo’s Art portfolio and visit an Artist we had just met a few weeks back. Since I was trying to learn how to look and sometimes feel Magoo paintings she offered me some of her wisdom. She sat down and shared with us little stories as she looked at each painting. When she came across this painting she said it had an interesting feeling to it. She pointed to a little object on the left of the painting and said that she felt there had been some kind of a visitor feeling here. Puzzled, I ask her to expand her interpretation and she points to the object and says it kind of looks like a spaceship. Looking somewhat perplexed, she says I do feel it is a friendly visitor though. As I pick myself up off the floor I explain to her who the friendly visitor was. As we were all once part of the same group I believe Magoo was just re-joining us all on that day showing us that we all are truly in this journey together. ET phone home!

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