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Thank you everyone who supported this incentive it was very successful and spreading awareness will continue.


Maverick Born Sept 30, 2021

HELP Magoo Purchase Books for the Children in the Sioux Lookout Community

Thank you Dr. Peter Henderson Bryce for your bravery in writing the truth

After we completed "Help Feed a Family this Christmas" and offered some of the funds raised to the Sioux Lookout Community they wanted to spend the money on books.  We requested that the money be spent on Food as that is why it was raised but with the promise that we would run another fundraiser to raise funds for the children's books.  


The start of this year Magoo experienced some mobility challenges and has started therapy to regain he's strength back. But our hearts wanted to do something to fulfil that promise. Once reading about the 215 children found our hearts ached and we knew we as humans need to bring awareness and help heal this wrong.  Purchasing a vinyl cutter to enhance Magoo's art projects we decided on 215 decals to honour these 215 children. 


We as humans should not rest till this has been dealt with.  This situation holds many generations of wrong doings but instead of pointing fingers we have to come together as one and take responsibility.  This is the only way to healing; the only way forward.


Here it is a “Vinyl Decal” that will honour the lives of the 215 Indigenous Children. Magoo will pay for the cost of all the vinyl and sell them for a $5 donation ... the total amount raised will go towards books for the Sioux Lookout Community. No child should be without a story book. Please let us do our part to heal the wrong that was done to these humans. Let this not fall out of the news as just another story. We are all in this together.

Please contact us via PM or email for your vinyl decal, share this post and help us, help them. 

Much love and gratitude to all, Magoo & Mom


One Decal - $5 donation.   Porch pick-up or mailed out (postage add 1$).

Cash, cheque or e-transfer (

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